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Philips  docking speaker with Lightning connector DS1155/12

Sound that fits your home

docking speaker DS1155/12

Compatible with iPhone 5 and the latest iPods through the Lightning connector, DS1155 docking speaker not only sounds full and rich, it also boasts clock display and soft night light, making it the perfect device on your nightstand.
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Surprisingly rich sound

  • Shielding technology to block mobile phone interference
  • Rich omni-directional sound to fill your bedroom
  • 6W RMS total output power

Advanced versatility

  • Fast charging and play music via Lightning connector

Elegant and compact

  • 360-degree design for gorgeous look from any angle
  • Elegant and compact design to fit on any bedside table

Designed for your bedroom

  • Auto clock synchronization with iPod/iPhone when docked
  • Charge your second mobile device via USB
  • Soft glow night light


Fast charging and play music via Lightning connector

Enjoy your favorite music while charging your iPod/iPhone via the new Lightning connector! Just dock it directly on the speaker to play your hand-picked tunes in superb sound. It also charges your device quickly while playing, so you don't have to work about the battery running out.

Play and charge via Lightning

Auto clock synchronization with iPod/iPhone when docked

When connect and dock, this docking station will automatically synchronize the clock with your iPod/iPhone.

6W RMS total output power

RMS refers to Root Mean Square which is a typical measurement of audio power, or rather, the electrical power transferred from an audio amplifier to a loudspeaker, which is measured in watts. The amount of electrical power delivered to the loudspeaker and its sensitivity determines the sound power that is generated. Essentially, amplifiers are limited by the electrical energy they can amplify and loudspeakers by the electrical energy they can convert into sound energy, without distorting the audio signal. The higher the wattage, the better the sound power emitted by the speaker.

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