Table lamp

    Table lamp

    A feeding light as gentle as a mother's love

    Birdie is specially designed for mom & baby. Its soft warm glow gives gentle nursing light during night feeding. While your baby sleeps, Birdie is also a comfortable night light with temperature indicator for the baby's comfort in sleep. See all benefits

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Kidsplace Table lamp

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A feeding light as gentle as a mother's love

  • Child-friendly


    This lamp creates an environment which encourages children to indulge in what they enjoy most: fun and creativity! What's more, this lamp is also designed to be safe for your child: it is cool to touch, robust and users non-toxic paint.

  • Soft glowing nursing light

    Soft glowing nursing light

    The typical lighting in a room is often too bright for night nursing, and will jolt both you and baby wide awake. Birdie's soft glowing light is gentle on you and especially on your little one to go back (return) to sleep quicker after nursing.

  • Comfortable night light

    Comfortable night light

    Birdie has a comfortable night light you can easily see in the dark.

  • Room temperature indicator

    Room temperature indicator

    Your baby can be very sensitive to slight changes in temperature, so the right room temperature is very important for your baby's sleeping comfort. At a glance, Birdie can tell you the room temperature; it glows yellow when it is just right between 16 to 24 degree Celcius, orange when it is too hot, and green when it is too cold.

  • Cool to touch LED technology, safe to handle

    Cool to touch LED technology, safe to handle
  • Easy switch for nursing or sleeping time

    With just one tap, Birdie switches from a feeding light to a night light.

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