Suspension light

    Suspension light

    In light of perfection

    It's a wonder of design. This gorgeous pendant light fills large rooms with warm white light at the flick of a switch or the turn of an optional dimmer. Light your living or dining room with the brightest in our collection. See all benefits


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Ledino Suspension light

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In light of perfection

Giving light a new experience

  • High light quality with strong light output

    High light quality with strong light output

    A LED lighting module of 7.5W produces the equivalent light output as an 40W incandescent lamp (350 Lumen). Save energy with strong light output.

  • Saves up to 80% energy

    Saves up to 80% energy

    The LED lighting technology used in Philips lighting fixtures is highly energy-efficient (7.5 W module produces 350 Lumen). As a result, every lighting fixture conserves energy, helping consumers to save money on their electricity bills and contribute to preserving the environment. For home lighting that's energy-efficient and provides great light in a range of contemporary designs, look for Philips LED products.

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