In-Ear Headphones

    In-Ear Headphones

    Total comfort

    Designed specifically with comfort in mind these headphones have a gel body that moulds gently to the shape of your ear-shell. The angled design delivers precision directed sound with a perfect seal so you experience pure sound immersion.

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Total comfort

Comfort plus: made for iPod control

  • 3 interchangeable rubber ear caps for optimal fit in all ear

    3 interchangeable rubber ear caps for optimal fit in all ear

    With a choice of 3 interchangeable ear caps from size small to large, surely there is a pair that makes these Philips earphones fit your ear perfectly.

  • Control your iPod at the tip of your finger

    With the in-line control, you can easily control volume up/ down, skip previous/ next track, fast forward/ rewind, play and pause your iPod. It allows single hand operation and guarantees a unique user experience.

  • Gel body headphones for best in comfort

    Designed specifically with comfort in mind, using soft gel materials for the headphones body that moulds gently to the shape of your ear-shell.

  • Ergonomics in-ear design for the best comfort and snug fit

    Angled Acoustic Pipe is ergonomically designed according to the anatomy of the human ear canal. It fits in the ear so snugly and comfortably that you can put it on and simply forget about it.

  • Super soft rubber caps for sensational comfort

    The ultra soft rubber material on the rubber caps are sensational to the touch and adapts effortlessly to your ear. In-ear headphones have never been this comfortable.

  • Angled Acoustic Pipe channels directional and precise sound

    Angled Acoustic Pipe is designed according to the curvature of the human ear canal so that soundwaves from the speaker are directed precisely to your ear drum with the highest definition

  • Exceptional noise isolation for quality sound at low volume

    You don't have to turn up the volume in noisy places anymore. Angled Acoustic Pipe and the perfectly sealing earbuds cut off background noise significantly, delivering the same quality sound at lower volume and a longer battery life.

  • High performance speakers deliver booming sound and power

    The speaker driver is made of a composite mylar material for a highly sensitve yet powerful element that enables superior power output, delivers high-fidelity sound without any audible distortion.

  • Carrying case protects your headphone when not in use

    This case is the most convenient way to look after your headphones and prevent cable tangling when not in use.

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