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Notebook laser mouse

    Notebook laser mouse

    Notebook laser mouse

    This state-of-the-art wireless mouse offers you precision comfort wherever you are. Its innovative Philips twin-eye laser TM sensor works on almost any surface and the glossy surface can be cleaned with one easy wipe. See all benefits

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Notebook laser mouse

USB, 1600 DPI SPM8713WB/97 Find similar products

Notebook laser mouse

High-precision comfort

  • 1600 DPI extreme accuracy

    The supreme 1600 DPI resolution makes this mouse extremely accurate. That means less movement, less effort and greater comfort and efficiency.

  • 2.4 GHz connection ensures no signal disruption

    With the reliable 2.4GHz wireless connection you can control your mouse from up to 8 meters away. The product operates on a higher frequency than standard wireless devices so you will not experience interference from other wireless devices. For extra reliability, special encryption technology is used to maintain a non-interrrupted connection.

  • Handy 4-way scroll wheel moves in any direction

    Scroll in any direction with the handy 4-way scroll wheel of your mouse. Perfect for games or large spreadsheets, you can stop dealing with annoying scroll bars and move anywhere onscreen freely and easily.

  • Glossy surface is easy to keep clean and hygienic

    This mouse features a high gloss surface which can be wiped clean much more easily than normal mice. While the smooth design does not collect dirt, so you can enjoy the touch of it even more.

  • High precision twin-eye laser sensor for extreme accuracy

    Superb accuracy is guaranteed with this high precision laser technology designed by Philips. It's the most reliable sensor available, and with twin lasers you can enjoy continuous, faultless performance on any surface.

  • Smart power management ensures one year battery life

    The Philips twin-eye laser sensor is incredibly efficient, consuming much less power than a conventional mouse sensor. Next to that, the smart power management system will automatically switch off the mouse when not in use to save power giving you up to a whole year of battery life.

  • Soft silicone for cushioned comfort

    Featuring a unique, soft silicon cushion design, this mouse offers especially comfortable grip for your hand. So you can work for longer periods with less strain or discomfort.

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