Ambient Experience

The Ambient Experience Dutch Masters theme:

Using the power of art and music to improve MRI experiences

During his lifetime, Peter has undergone multiple MRI scans: watch how Peter’s experience significantly improved when he tested the new Dutch Masters theme in an MRI room with Ambient Experience.

Talk to us about transforming healthcare into human care 

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Five partners coming together to create a powerful Ambient Experience theme

With the Rijksmuseum, the Academic Medical Center, the Erasmus Medical Center and the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra we found another way to make the MRI patient experience more relaxing.

Turning healthcare into human care

Peter Berkof, patient

"A big improvement"


"It felt different than the other times. Totally different experience. Really distracting."

Peter Berkhof, patient

Raschel van Luijk, Team lead

More efficient


"With the Ambient Experience, I hope the patients will leave the MRI scan more relaxed and come back to the next one with less concern."

Raschel van Luijk, Team leader MRI at AMC hospital

Werner Satter, General manager

People-centric healthcare


"By focusing more on the human side, we create a more holistic view on care."

Werner Satter, General Manager Healthcare Experience Solutions at Royal Philips

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Ambient Experience:

Driving better outcomes at a lower cost while enhancing the patient and staff experience.

More stories behind our new theme

Professor Hans Jeekel

Music and art as a medicine


"I’m sure the combination of art and music will change the patient experience significantly."


Professor Hans Jeekel, Erasmus Medical Center

Pieter Roelofs, Curator

Visual distraction


"We believe the relaxing atmosphere of the paintings will really help in this healing environment."

Pieter Roelofs, Curator at the Rijksmuseum

Andre Heuvelman, Manager creations

Musical distraction

"What I like most about this piece of music, in connection with the images, is that it really helps people feel distracted from their fears."

André Heuvelman, Manager Creations at Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

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