BiPAP Bi-level ventilator


Bi-level ventilator

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Inspired by you and your patients, the bi-level ventilator BiPAP A30 has been designed to combine ease-of-use with technology advancements that adapt to your patient’s condition to deliver enhanced therapy. Natural performance for a smooth transition from hospital to home for your chronic insufficiency respiratory patients.


BiPAP A30 specifications
BiPAP A30 specifications
  • 2.1 Kgs (with power supply)
Ventilation modes
  • CPAP, S, S/T, PC, T
  • 4 – 30 cm H₂O
  • 21.6 cm W x 19 cm L x 11.5 cm H
Hybrid ventilation
  • AVAPS (Average Volume Assured Pressure Support)
DC power source
  • 12 VDC, 5.0 A (external battery), 24 VDC, 4.2 A (power supply)
AVAPS rate
  • 0.5 to 5 cmH2O/min
  • 4 – 25 cm H₂O
Battery back-up
  • 11 hours at IPAP 15 / EPAP 4 cm H2O and 12 BPM
Inspiratory time
  • 0.5 – 3 sec.
Target tidal volume (when AVAPS enabled)
  • 200 – 1500 ml
Rise time
  • 1 (100 ms) – 6 (600 ms)
Breath rate
  • 0 – 40
Polygraph and polysomnography connections
  • Direct connection to Alice PDx and Alice6 PSGs, AOM to connect to most PSG systems
Triggering and cycling
  • Digital Auto-TRAK algorithm
Noise level
  • < 30 dBA at 10 cmH2O
  • System One humidity control and ‘Dry Box’ technology
  • Patient disconnection, Apnea, Low minute ventilation, Low tidal volume with AVAPS only), High respiratory rate
  • Pressure, tidal volume, minute ventilation, respiratory rate, Leak, I/E ratio
Data management
  • EncorePro 2 and DirectView software<br>Compatible with oximetry module, Advanced detection of residual respiratory events<br>(Apnea/Hypopnea Index, Obstructed Airway Apnea, Clear Airway Apnea, Hypopnea, Periodic Breathing, RERA, Large Leak and Snore)
Remote control
  • Compatible with PC Direct
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