IntelliSpace Epidemiology

Information system

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Our first system to combine live clinical informatics with genetic fingerprinting of bacterial pathogens, Philips IntelliSpace Epidemiology supports your efforts to contain and eliminate healthcare-associated infections (HAI). Powerful analysis tools combine with an easy-to-read interface and partially automated workflow to enhance the effectiveness of infection control professionals.

Identify HAI trends

Identify infection trends

IntelliSpace Epidemiology automatically collects data from hospital systems, such as ADT, laboratory information systems and sequencing. It displays this data in a user-friendly interface, putting the information you need to assess infections at your fingertips.
Detect and track

Detect and track

On-demand, customizable, real-time antibiogram helps you detect and track bacterial resistance patterns across time and space.
Reduce false positives and false negatives

Reduce false positives and false negatives

IntelliSpace Epidemiology overlays the patient's clinic information with the pathogen's genomic information to help unambiguously rule out false positive infection clusters, saving time and wasted mitigation efforts - and helping you to identify false negatives that might otherwise be missed.
Ease your workflow

Ease your workflow

Advanced algorithms find and highlight possible infection clusters, organizing and automating your infection control workflow.
Stop the spread

Helping you stop the spread of HAI

To enable effective intervention, the interface displays a continuously updated epidemic curve, segmented by bacterial strains and subtypes, for quick identification of trends and shifts.
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