IntelliSpace Portal  9.0 Advanced visual analysis

IntelliSpace Portal 9.0

Advanced visual analysis

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IntelliSpace Portal, with over 70 clinical applications in total, is an advanced visualization platform that offers a single integrated solution to help you work quickly and efficiently with increased diagnostic confidence – especially during reading and follow-up of multi-faceted cases.

Advancing care for the body’s most co... || KBA1

Advancing care for the body’s most complex organ

With the aging population, neurodegenerative disease is on the rise worldwide. Since neurological disorders are often chronic, patients require long-term follow-up, but changes in the brain can be subtle and hard to detect. IntelliSpace Portal 9.0 offers a host of new and enhanced neuro applications such as NeuroQuant®², LoBi¹ and CT Brain Perfusion. These tools are designed to facilitate rapid, objective, quantitative and consistent image evaluation.
Manage pulmonary patients with just o... || KBA1

Manage pulmonary patients with just one reading

Given the increasing interest in pulmonary care, IntelliSpace Portal 9.0 offers you one comprehensive toolset to help you track pulmonary disease from detection to follow-up. The CT Lung Nodule Assessment (LNA) application streamlines your workflow with a comprehensive set of automatic and semi-automatic features as well as a unique risk assessment tool¹ for clinical decision support. Take advantage of CT Lung Nodule CAD³ along with other applications to perform a variety of tasks, such as measure and track COPD, detect pulmonary emboli, and perform calcium scoring.
Access multiple modalities from one i... || KBA1

Access multiple modalities from one integrated platform

Enhancements have been made to our core Multi Modality applications including Advanced Vessel Analysis (AVA) and Tumor Tracking (MMTT). New functionality aims to speed workflow and provide additional clinical depth such as glucose measurements on MMTT. Now, IntelliSpace Portal 9.0 offers advanced Spectral CT applications to utilize with images from our flagship IQon Spectral CT Scanner. Finally, load your iXR data sets faster than before for a quicker read.
Work with multiple patient datasets, ... || KBA1

Work with multiple patient datasets, but one unifying vision

Improved prefetch rules and streamlined PACS integration help you launch cases quickly, and support streamlined integration with the Philips IntelliSpace Cardiovascular suite. RightFit Service Agreements help you stay connected to a steady stream of clinical and IT innovations. They include remote monitoring so that Philips can continually assure system health and performance, and offer real-time support when needed.
Diagnose within multiple clinical dom... || KBA1

Diagnose within multiple clinical domains, with one standard for diagnosis

Not only in the field of neuro, but also in cardiovascular, Philips continually updates our suite of applications to assure you have comprehensive tools in multiple clinical domains. Enhancements to our TAVI application help speed workflows for vascular access. We continue to enhance the functionality of our MR Cardiac package, even offering 3D printing capabilities, and now offer leakage correction on MR perfusion for greater diagnostic confidence.
Use multiple advanced tools, while ma... || KBA1

Use multiple advanced tools, while maintaining one consistent workflow

Let the IntelliSpace Portal adapt to your usage patterns with machine learning algorithms to help continually enhance preprocessing rules. Key images are automatically captured for inclusion in reports. And new service offerings provide greater degrees of connectivity so you can get clinical support on the fly.

Streamline your clinical workflow

IntelliSpace Portal 9.0 delivers an advanced suite of clinical applications, with a focus on neurodegenerative disease. Neuro applications for longitudinal patient1 assessment facilitate rapid, objective, and quantitative image interpretation, even for subtle changes. IntelliSpace Portal also includes an enhanced cardiovascular portfolio, plus new technical innovations such as machine learning. This single comprehensive platform helps you meet your Advanced Visualization needs.
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New clinical capabilities
Discover new insights into the body’s most complex organ with a new longitudinal and comparative application optimized for neurology and integration of the NeuroQuant®2 application. Plus, we’ve added a suite of CT spectral applications for use with the IQon Spectral CT scanner.

enhacenments 2

Greater clinical depth
Gain enhanced diagnostic capabilities for improved workflow and clinical depth:

  • Keep the beat with enhancements to MR Cardiac applications, Multi Modality Advanced Vessel Analysis, and workflow optimizations on our leading TAVI application.
  • Further personalize the patient experience with MR Perfusion Leakage Correction, and modifications to CT Brain Perfusion.
  • Simplify tumor tracking with enhancements to our flagship oncology application. 
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More integrated

Connectivity is now smoother than ever with the Philips Suite of HealthCare Informatics solutions. VMware® scalability and improved prefetch and preprocessing capabilities help streamline your workflow.

Improved workflow

Machine learning helps predict your usage patterns to help speed time to analysis. Other operational and reporting enhancements are designed to streamline the user experience with Advanced Visualization. 

Highlights – Continuous evolution with IntelliSpace Portal  

Clinical advances keep coming. Hospital networks keep growing. And enterprises keep adapting to business realities. Make sure your advanced visualization keeps pace – with IntelliSpace Portal 9.0. You can streamline clinical workflows as you drive standardization and excellence across your enterprise – with just one single platform.

Detect, diagnose, and follow up with confidence

• Deliver clinically meaningful insights for complex cases across multiple domains 
• Manage pulmonary patients in just one viewing environment
• Continually add clinical insight with improvements to core applications, every year

Simplify operations with one platform

• Enhance flexibility with scaled VMware® options to help improve your resource utilization

• Benefit from improved service options and tools for system monitoring and remote serviceability

• Create custom solutions based on your network and market but drawing on our enterprise consulting capabilities

Turn change into an advantage

 Meet all your education needs with our one-stop approach, including context-based, on-demand learning at your fingertips

Facilitate consistency as well as superb clinical and workflow performance through regular software maintenance

Enjoy year-on-year enhancements to the core portfolio that help you stay at the forefront of clinical care

Explore some of our Advanced Visualization applications

  • ¹ Pending 510(k), not available for sale in the USA
  • ² NeuroQuant ® is a trademark of CorTechs Labs, Inc.
  • ³ CAD functionality not available for sale in the USA
  • ⁴ Not available for sale in the USA