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Dual IBP adapter

Invasive pressure accessories

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The dual IBP adapter is a cost-effective solution that facilitates dual invasive pressure monitoring via a single socket on the patient monitor. This simple, effective adapter helps reduce your bedside monitoring footprint, while supporting

Cost-effective IBP monitoring

Two measurements, one socket

The dual IBP adapter allows you to perform two invasive pressure measurements using a single pressure socket on the patient monitor. As a result, it facilitates a streamlined, cost-efficient approach to dual pressure monitoring.
Be prepared

Dual IBP close at hand

In high-level clinical situations, time is of the essence. By ensuring that a dual IBP adapter cable is available in the immediate care area, you and your care delivery teams will gain peace of mind – with the knowledge that if multiple invasive pressure measurements are indicated, the tool you need is already close to hand.
Reduce bedside cable clutter

Keep a small footprint

The dual IBP pressure adapter may reduce the need for additional IBP monitoring cables, helping you to keep your bedside monitoring footprint under control.
Leverage high compatibility

Works with IBP IntelliVue bedside monitors

The dual IBP adapter can be used with all invasive pressure supplies that are compatible with Philips IntelliVue bedside monitors.