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The Infatherm infant transport mattress is convenient and easy to use. Ideal for NICU, nursery, delivery room, ER, OR, ambulance or neonatal transport units.

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Portable, non-electric heat || Easy short-term warmth for car

Portable, non-electric heat provides instant warmth

The Infatherm mattress is a portable, non-electric heat source that provides instant short-term warmth for infants during transport or in the delivery room. Just bend the easy-activation disc to instantly heat the gel inside the mattress.
Disposable mattress || Reduce chance of cross-contami

Disposable mattress to help avoid cross-contamination

This mattress is made for single-patient use and can be disposed afterwards, reducing the likelihood of cross-contamination.
Soft, non-slip fabric || Easy short-term warmth for car

Soft, non-slip fabric is gentle on skin

The surface is made of soft, non-slip fabric, designed with protecting the infant's skin in mind.
Durable construction || Easy short-term warmth for car

Durable construction to designed to prevent leaks

The bag is made of a durable material designed to prevent leakage during activation or use.