ATOM Transport incubator

ATOM V-808 Transcapsule

Transport incubator

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The V-808 's ergonomically positioned handles allow for comfortable movement, while monitoring increases confidence. The cabinet stand has catamaran casters for smooth and easy maneuverability.

Catamaran casters

Catamaran casters for smooth travel

The ATOM V-808 cabinet stand features catamaran casters. The size of the wheels helps provide smooth travel and easy maneuverability.
Padded handles

Padded handles are comfortable for caregivers

The ATOM V-808's padded handles are placed at an ergonomically designed height, making it easy and comfortable to use the incubator for transport.
Multiple power sources

Multiple power sources to enhance operation

The incubator runs on multiple power sources and shows the battery status to support enhanced operation.
Illumination light

Illumination light helps guide the way

The incubator is equipped with a 1500-lux illumination light for visibility in low-lit areas.
Access ports

Access ports for easy treatment

For easy access, there are front and back port doors, and a head door tray to allow care such as reintubation or repositioning.
Advanced design

Advanced design organizes accessories

The ATOM V-808 provides a multiple access grommet, two tank mounts, and a monitor shelf option to organize care accessories.
Built-in pulse oximeter

Built-in pulse oximeter for continual monitoring

The built-in pulse oximeter allows you to continually monitor the patient's stability.
Digital display

Digital display for essential information

Read essential information about your patient's stability on the digital display. Keep up to date with real-time skin temperature and oxygen concentration information.