Standard display trends Clinical Decision Support

Standard display trends

Clinical Decision Support

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IntelliVue makes information in a clear manner available at the bedside. IntelliVue patient monitors include innovations that increase the value of the information collected at the bedside and at the headquarters.

Standard display trends || kba1

Standard display trends

The flexible IntelliVue trend and display functions are integrated into each model. The clinic team gets so powerful tools for clinical analysis in real time. They provide context information, highlight patterns and make deviations for the first time at a glance recognizable.
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Standard Display trends enable display over a long period of time Standard display trends are extremely flexible and show patient data over a period of 30 minutes to 12 hours, without interrupting the real-time parameters or to hide. There are three different formats: diagram, chart and horizon. Individual parameters can be displayed as a standard trend display or various parameters are grouped together. Grouped parameters appear all in the same format and with the same reference lines. Einzelne Parameter können als Standardanzeige-Trend angezeigt oder verschiedene Parameter zu einer Gruppe zusammengefasst werden. Gruppierte Parameter erscheinen alle im selben Format und mit denselben Referenzlinien.
Aussagekräftige Informationen || kba1

Aussagekräftige Informationen

Trend-Diagramme und Trend-Tabellen liefern aussagekräftige Informationen Trend-Diagramme sind besonders nützlich, wenn mehrere Parameter gruppiert werden. Um die Korrelation zu erleichtern, umfassen Trends von Parametergruppen denselben Zeitraum. Wenn ein Trend-Diagramm zusammen mit der zugehörigen Echtzeit-Kurve angezeigt wird, ist die Skalierung identisch.
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Your benefits

Decision Support • Image compression curve data provide context to the current values. • Uniform reference lines and timescales facilitate simultaneous trend assessment of various parameters user-friendliness • The user interface is simple and intuitive to use. • All IntelliVue monitors have the same user interface. • Touchscreen operation is possible.
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More benefits

Ergonomic factors • trend data and current values ​​are integrated into a display and can thus see at a glance . • All numerical values ​​, real-time curves and trends of a parameter are the same color . • All elements are easy to read and easy to assign . • Different types of images allow the most appropriate for the individual patient data presentation .
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Trend tables

Trend tables are integrated into the display and available for the following aperiodic detected parameters : • NBP - non-invasive blood pressure monitoring • CO / CI - Cardiac Output • Wedge - pulmonary Kapillarverschlussdruck • ITBV / ITBVI - intrathoracic blood volume • EVLW / EVLWI - extravascular lung water • GEDV / GEDVI - global end-diastolic volume • CFI - Cardiac Function Index • TOF / TOF ratio - neuromuscular monitoring
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Horizon trend

Horizon - Trend provides contextual information . Horizon Trends expand the default display trends and serve as functions for clinical decision support . This special display mode illustrates deviations from a user-defined reference line . Reference lines can reflect either the starting point or the target value . Shaded trend graphs illustrate deviations over time . A highlighted deviation bar clarified the current status of the patient . The trend arrow illustrates the determined during the last 10 minutes of a tendency of the patient parameters .