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Radiotherapy continues to evolve. You need to invest to meet the demands of today, while maintaining your ability to take advantage of new technologies. Philips provides dedicated radiotherapy Solutions that span imaging to treatment planning. With a proven legacy of industry-leading innovations, we help your care teams deliver quality care. And as a committed partner, we provide flexible upgrade and service options, consulting services and continuous education programs to allow you to maximize the value of your investments over the entire life cycle.

Proven leadership

First-to-market innovations that advance MR and CT applications:

  • First CT simulator designed specifically for Philips Radiation Oncology Solutions.
  • Continuous innovation orientation – focused around Imaging simulation, treatment planning and assessment of therapy response.
  • First commercially available MR-only simulation solution.

Professional Services


  • Solutions to extend the life cycle of your CT and MR equipment, minimize the cost and disruption of buying and installing new equipment, and unlock the most value from your investments.
  • A broad range of education and training options to supports adoption of new functionality.

Financial flexibility

SmartPath flexible upgrades, procurement and financing models to align with your financial objectives.

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