Magnetic Resonance

MR Smart Workflow

Automated patient-centric MR workflow powered by AI

Support your staff with a workflow solution that allows them to focus less on technology and more on the patient while achieving high productivity. Philips MR Smart Workflow is an end-to-end workflow solution that simplifies MR exams at every stage of the process. It takes advantage of AI technology to guide and coach technologists where needed and automate where possible.

MR Smart Workflow
Perform MR examinations with ease


Take advantage of AI technology to guide and coach technologists where needed and automate where possible.

Demonstrated results in MR Smart Workflow

<1 min

patient set-up for routine exams, even for less experienced operators1


of technologists find respiratory triggering easier to achieve with VitalEye2


of exam procedures can be performed with one single click thanks to automated geometry planning and scanning3


of MR advanced visualization procedures can be performed on the console and sent to PACS in 30% less time4

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Learn more about Philips MR Workspace

MR Workspace

MR Workspace is the MR Philips console designed to support efficiency and staff satisfaction in the control room through integrated AI assistance, task guidance and automation. MR Workspace helps technologists, regardless of experience, to manage their workload and keep the daily schedule under control while maintaining focus on the patient. It provides guided and automated workflow and includes step-by-step coaching towards AV analysis. 80% of examination planning is fully automated and results are sent to PACS in 30% less time.4

Learn more about Philips ScanWise Implant

ScanWise Implant

ScanWise Implant5 software provides step-by-step guidance to enter the condition values of the implant manufacturer. Your MR system then automatically applies these values for the entire examination. ScanWise Implant empowers you to serve this growing patient population with confidence and helps to increase your referrals.

Guided patient set-up with VitalScreen


VitalScreen provides guidance at your staff’s fingertips. Two 12-inch interactive touchscreens on the scanner provide coaching and visual guidance on recommended patient position, study laterality, coil and accessory placement. Moreover, feedback is provided on important exam details, including physiology signals (both VCG and respiratory) and, if applicable, contrast usage and breathhold guidance.

AI detected patient breathing


VitalEye AI-based touchless patient sensing provides a fast detection of patient’s breathing without any operator interaction. With VitalEye, the technologist no longer needs to set up an old-fashioned respiratory belt but receives a continuous and robust respiratory signal without any interaction. This revolution in touchless patient sensing helps your staff to keep a caring eye on your patient. The quality of the physiology signal detected by VitalEye is better than a belt-based approach providing superior image quality, for a broad range of patient sizes.

Technologies and innovations

  • SmartSpeed

    Enjoy fast and high-quality imaging for a broad range of patients via our state-of-the-art speed engine with AI.

  • Magnetic Resonance

    Discover innovative MRI solutions for precision diagnostic imaging and exceptional patient experience. Learn more about Philips MRI technologies.

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[1] < 1 min patient set-up for routine exams, based on in-house testing. Results may vary.
[2] Compared to Philips conventional (belt-based) triggering method. Based on survey from 9 technologists in SCM IRM Belledone.
[3] SmartExam is not available to patients with MR Conditional Implants.
[4] AV procedures performed by volume on console vs a workstation 30% less time compared to a workstation.

[5] Only for use with MR Safe or MR Conditional Implants by strictly following the instructions for use.

Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases.


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