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    COVID 19

    At-home screening & remote COVID-19 patient monitoring

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    At-home screening & remote COVID-19 patient monitoring

    Philips Population Health Management solutions can help providers, systems, payers and governments streamline and optimize patient access points with virtual tools designed around the COVID-19 protocols developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


    The CDC advises that older adults as well as people who have serious underlying medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes and lung disease are at higher risk for severe illness related to COVID-191, we can help you identify and assess your potential at-risk populations, deploy outreach and community care plans, and monitor and educate these patient populations remotely.


    Enabling these assessments and care protocols could help reduce the risk of exposure for both patients and their care team, and potentially slow the spread of the COVID-19 disease by decreasing the number of unnecessary hospital visits or in-person consultations.

    Telehealth Medicare restrictions have been relaxed in response to COVID-19


    Allow patients to self-monitor their condition remotely


    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has loosened the regulations for telemedicine and virtual care early this year and again in response to COVID-19 pandemic. It has waived the telehealth geographic and originating site restriction for Medicare Advatage plans, and is alloweing physicians to work across borders.1

    Systematic patient-reported outcomes

    Evaluate patient population responses to COVID-19 screening surveys


    The Virtual Screening COVID-19 tool enables individuals to be screened for risk factors and symptoms. Based on survey responses, individuals are provided customized feedback and content. A population-based dashboard is available to the healthcare provider to monitor and review the breakdown of risk stratifications, and dynamically filter based on those at greatest risk of disease or symptom progression.


    The tool is designed for those for who are low risk, and to monitor those with mild symptoms (as recommended by the CDC) to reduce the strain on the healthcare system and reduce the risk of further spread.

    Remote patient monitoring

    Monitor COVID-19 symptoms alongside underlying health conditions

    Remote patient monitoring allows you to stay connected with the patient beyond an initial virtual visit or screening. It allows you to monitor changes in symptoms or underlying health conditions and risk factors with surveys and connected devices, and to provide educational content. It enables your care team to follow protocols to intervene timely and appropriately as the patient’s condition changes.


    Philips’ clinical team has configured a 30-day protocol to evaluate and monitor patient populations remotely regarding potential COVID-19 exposure and symptoms, which can be deployed in addition to standard or tailored clinical content and protocols that are available for underlying conditions. This allows your providers to focus on those patients exhibiting symptoms and risk factors with specific follow-up actions.

    Population Health Management Platform

    Incorporate COVID-19 assessments and codes in your care management workflows

    Leveraging our Population Health Platform, you may be able to identify and prioritize your high-risk patient populations based on specific code sets related to COVID-19 that are updated in our data dictionaries. This may allow you to create cohorts and reports specifically tailored to manage patients who may have been diagnosed with the virus, or those who have received the screening. This information may be used alongside high-risk alerts and populations to which your organization is continuing to provide care.


    You can then deploy preconfigured assessments that may allow you to screen and monitor patients who may be at risk to COVID-19, allowing you to more effectively manage patients through community care plans while reporting on utilization-based outcomes for a cohort of patients that can be defined by specific responses to assessment questions.

    We're with you

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    Organized to assist

    We've aligned our resources and capabilities to help provide care systems with expedited access to information and healthcare solutions to meet their patient care needs.

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    Actively adapting

    We're adapting and advancing our products and technologies to help address the complexities of the illness, patient populations and care conditions.

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    Creating connections

    We're leveraging our infrastructure and platforms to connect care teams and help care systems communicate as efficiently as possible as they navigate the preparation, response and recovery efforts.

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