Air Cooker NX0690

Taste all the goodness

Cook every unique ingredient to perfection

The Philips Air Steam Cooker with NutriFlavor technology


Preserves up to 90% nutrients*

Combines time, temperature and humidity to create the optimal climate for each ingredient

Recipe inspiration, guidance and remote cooking with the NutriU App

Enhance more variety effortlessly with the modular accessories

Automatic cleaning programs and dishwasher safe parts

Add variety to mealtimes with multiple cooking modes

Suggested retail price: HKD5,698.00

*Tested on broccoli, bell pepper and snowpeas for 90% vitamin C, on salmon for 93% omega 3/6 and beef for 90% iron. Laboratory measurement on Air Steam setting.

Taste all the goodness

Discover a new way of healthy and tasty cooking with the new Philips Air Steam Cooker.

Celebrate the freshness and flavors of your favorite foods, while retaining their healthy nutrients and delivering perfect taste and texture.

Vegetables keep their color and crunch, fish is fresh and juicy, meat remains deliciously tender. You can also bake delicious bread with a crust, and delicious chef-like desserts.


*Tested on broccoli, bell pepper and snowpeas for 90% vitamin C, on salmon for 93% omega 3/6 and beef for 90% iron. Laboratory measurement on Air Steam setting.

IF Design Award 2022

Discover the joy of cooking amazing meals using Philips Air Steam Cooker

Tenderloin Steak
Sourdough Bread
Hardboiled eggs

A new way of cooking
NutriFlavor technology

NutriFlavor technology

The tasty way to eat healthy.


NutriFlavor technology creates the optimal cooking climate of temperature, humidity & time to elevate the natural flavor and texture of your fresh ingredients, while ensuring maximum nutritional goodness.

Remote cooking with NutriU
Seabass filled with vegetables video thumbnail
Eggs benedict video thumbnail

Wifi remote control via NutriU

Say hello to the culinary expert that gives you tons of recipe inspiration based on your cooking habits and preferences. Let the NutriU app guide you through the cooking process and automatically set the ideal cooking conditions, so you can focus on experimenting and enjoying making your meals and feel confident in guaranteed results. Then relax knowing you can easily monitor and adjust settings via the app.

Connect device

Connect to your Air Steam Cooker

Download the NutriU app to your mobile device

Step-by-step guidance

Step-by-step instructions

Unleash your inner chef and prepare all kinds of healthy, delicious meals


Get inspired

The NutriU app is packed with recipes, tips and recommendations

Remote cooking

Remote cooking

Cook remotely, adjust results and know when your food is ready

Multiple cooking modes

8 cooking modes


Add variety to your mealtimes, with just one appliance to make all your favorite healthy dishes: Air Steam, Steam, Slow cook, Sous-vide, Bake, Roast, Reheat, Defrost. From crispy and colorful vegetables, to juicy fresh fish & seafood, the most tender meat, home made bread, nutritious soups and stews and even delicious desserts.

Family capacity

Family capacity


Cook up to 4 portions and enhance your cooking experience with the modular accessories. Bottom tray, basket, cooking pot and second layer are included, to cook all your favorite foods. Upgrade your Air Steam Cooker experience with cooking pot for soups & stews and second layer to double the surface capacity.

Easy cleaning

Easy Cleaning


Clean-up is fast and easy with 3 automatic cleaning programs: EasyClean uses hot steam to  melt food residues, Rinse and Descale keep internal water system clean & functioning. All accessories are removable and dishwasher safe.

*Tested on broccoli, bell pepper and snowpeas for 90% vitamin C, on salmon for 93% omega 3/6 and beef for 90% iron. Laboratory measurement on Air Steam setting.

Learn more about the Philips Air Steam Cooker

Philips Air Steam Cooker
Connect to device

Connect to your Air Steam Cooker

Taste the difference with NutriFlavor technology

What other’s say about the Philips Air Steam Cooker

Ready to buy the Philips Air Steam Cooker?

Philips Air Cooker

The Air Steam Cooker NX0960/98 with NutriFlavor technology that retains up to 90% of nutrients* and cooks food to perfection with any of the cooking modes.

We take away the hassle and guesswork with the NutriU app, offering you step-by-step guidance, remote cooking.

Philips Air Steam Cooker comes standard with a bottom tray, a basket, a cooking pot and a second layer.

Join the Air Steam Cooker Family

The NutriU app allows you to join a community* of chefs around the world to share tips & tricks, as well as discussing NutriU recipes and articles with other users. You can connect with other passionate cooks, share new ways of cooking, or simply stay in touch with what your family and friends are cooking.


*Available in selected markets

NutriU user community

Frequently Asked Questions

How does NutriFlavor technology work?

NutriFlavor technology creates the perfect cooking climate of temperature, humidity & time. Choose the recipe or ingredient you want to cook, either from the NutriU app or the product, and let Air Steam Cooker automatically adjust all settings to achieve perfect taste & texture and up to 90% of nutrient preservation*.

*Tested on broccoli, bell pepper and snowpeas for 90% vitamin C, on salmon for 93% omega 3/6 and beef for 90% iron. Laboratory measurement on Air Steam setting.

What is the benefit of using the connected app, NutriU?

NutriU is your savvy sous-chef, supporting you in the whole cooking experience so that you can confidently experiment with guaranteed results. Find personalized inspiration from hundreds of recipes, cook & monitor status from the phone, get notifications if any action is needed. 

How many cooking methods does the Air Steam Cooker enable?

The Air Steam Cooker allows you to cook a large variety of healthy delicious meals, with 8 cooking methods: steam, air steam, bake, roast, slow-cook, sous-vide, re-heat and de-frost. 

What can you cook with the Air Steam Cooker?

With the Air Steam Cooker, you can cook everything from fresh fish & seafood, veggies or meat. Veggies retain their crunch and color, fish remains fresh and juicy, and meat is the most tender when cooked in sous-vide mode. Experiment with home-made bread, chef-like desserts like caramel flan or pannacotta, or serve the most wholesome soups & stews.

Why is Air Steam Cooker better than my current way of cooking?

NutriFlavor technology creates the ideal cooking conditions for each food, to deliver perfect end-results. With other solutions, cooking climate is either too hot & dry or too wet, causing certain foods like chicken to dry out, or other ingredients like vegetables to end up too bland and soggy. With the Air Steam Cooker, you rest assured of great end results, no matter what you cook.

How long does it take to cook?

Air Steam Cooker covers many cooking methods, which means cooking time can range from a few minutes to steam veggies up to 2-3 hours in slow cook. In NutriU app you can find dozens of healthy, delicious recipes that are ready in 20m or less.

Does Air Steam Cooker include accessories?

In the Air Steam Cooker box you can find the bottom tray with grid, the basket, the cooking pot and the second layer.

What is the capacity?

With Air Steam Cooker you can cook one meal in one go for up to 4 people. Its overall capacity is 7l, with the main basket having 2.2L capacity. For example, this means you can easily cook a whole chicken of about 1.8kg, 4 chicken breast (8 if you also have the second layer), a whole fish of 25cm.

Is it easy to clean?

Yes, Air Steam Cooker is extremely easy to clean. It includes 3 auto-cleaning programs which help you to de-scale, soften food residues with high steam, and rinse water pipes. All removable parts are dishwasher-proof. 

What is the difference with the Airfryer?

Philips Air Fryer is a high-heat cooking solution that uses rapid air to delivery crispy & tender results, like perfect fries, crispy chicken, baking recipes and so on. Philips Air Steam Cooker is a gentle climate control cooker which uses both heat and humidity in a controlled way. This preserves up to 90% of the nutrients and enables precise cooking results with perfect taste & texture, like juicy fish & meat, crispy veggies, home-made bread, and much more. 

Personalisation via NutriU app

Discover healthy, nutritious recipes and inspiration with the NutriU app, your virtual savvy sous-chef

Recipe inspiration based on your behavior and preferences

Step-by-step guidance

Real time updates and notifications

Cook remotely and adjust desired results

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