Create your long-lasting perfect curls effortlessly

    Stylecare automatic curling iron

    StyleCare Prestige

    Auto Curler


    •MoistureProtect technology

    •Smart curling system

    •Ceramic coating with keratin

    •Longer curling barrel

    •27 styling options*

    •Ionic care


    * 27 styling options based on 3 setting mix of rotating directions, styling temperatures and timer settings.

    Suggested retail price: HKD1,998.00
    (inclusive of Heated Straightening Brush in a luxurious style case)
    Moisture Protect technology

    Moisture Protect technology

    Let your hair shine naturally

    MoistureProtect technology diagnoses the condition of hair on an ongoing basis and adjusts the styling temperature to protect their natural hydration.
    Smart curling system

    Smart curling system for effortless styling

    At the touch of one button, the smart curling system rolls your hair evenly onto the barrel – as if a professional stylist is working. The innovative open design follows the flow of your hair, giving you glamorous and long-lasting curls.
    Ceramic coating with keratin

    Ceramic coating with keratin for ultimate protection

    The ceramic curling barrel is enriched with Keratin and infused with Argan oil for smooth gliding and protection during styling.
    Longer curling barrel

    Longer curling barrel, quick and easy styling

    Because the surface of the curling iron is 113% larger *, you can style 2x more hair with just one roll. A simple and fast way to get perfect curls.


    * vs. Philips HPS940

    27 Styling options

    27 Styling options

    StyleCare Prestige Auto Curler is equipped with 3 temperature settings (170-190-210 ° C) and 3 time settings (8-10-12 sec.). Moreover, you can set the curl direction, left or right (for symmetrical styling) or alternately for a natural effect, creating 27 styling options for any type of curl you want. You can look different every day. Curling your hair has never been easier!
     Ionic care

    Ionic care

    Charged negative Ions eliminate static, condition the hair and smooth down the hair cuticles to intensify the hair’s shine and glossiness.

    Hair styling in an instant

    Hair styling video

    Compare our curlers

    Auto Curler

    StyleCare Prestige

    Auto Curler

    (includes Heated Straightening Brush in a case)

    StyleCare Prestige



    StyleCare Advanced




    • Professional, easy and safe creation of curls
    • 2x more hair styling in one go
    • Our first curler with titanium enriched barrel for quick and even heat transfer, creating gorgeously shiny curls and waves
    • Technology to prevent hair splitting

    A perfect styling

    • Automatic curls with 27 styling options (3 timer settings x 3 temperature settings x 3 curl direction settings).
    • Long barrel of 160mm, ideal for curling long or thick hair
    • 13-25mm conical barrel for multiple styles of curls
    • 38mm large curling roll: 30% more hair around the roll with every winding

    Technology that protects hair

    • Keratin ceramic curling bar for smooth gliding and protection
    • Ion care for smooth, shiny and lint-free hair
    • MoistureProtect technology adjusts the temperature for shine and maintaining the moisture balance
    • Automatic feedback: signal when your curls are ready
    • Titanium enriched barrel for perfect results
    • Unique Curl Ready Indicator to create consistent curls all around and protect from overheating
    • Ion care for smooth, shiny and frizz-free hair
    • SplitStop technology to prevent hair splitting
    • Keratin infused coating for better care

    Strong performance

    • 3 professional temperature settings (170, 190, 210 ° C)
    • Heat-up time: 30 sec.
    • 3 curl direction settings (Right/ Alternate/ Left)
    • 3 timer settings (8/ 10/ 12 sec)
    • Automatic switch-off after 60 minutes
    • 9 digital temperature settings (130-210 °C)
    • Heat-up time: 45 sec.
    • Automatic switch-off after 60 minutes
    • 8 digital temperature settings (130-200 ° C)
    • Heat-up time: 60 sec.
    • Automatic switch-off after 60 minutes


    • Swivel cord
    • Full temperature insulation, protection against scalp and hands burns
    • Swivel cord
    • Safety feet
    • Key-lock function to avoid unintentional switching
    • Cool tip
    • Swivel cord
    • Safety feet
    • Cool tip
    * Suggested retail price
    Luxurious style case
    Suggested retail price: HKD1,998.00
    (inclusive of Auto Curler and Heated Straightening Brush in a luxurious style care)

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