Unique hair. Unique care.

    Philips Hair Dryer Prestige with

    SenseIQ For beautiful, watery shiny hair


    The personalized SenseIQ technology with digital infrared sensor and intelligent microprocessor for beautiful, shiny hair. Senses your hair's temperature and adapts the heat automatically to prevent overheating. Cares for every unique hair.

    Smart digital programs

    Save 30% of drying time*

    Up to 95% of natural moisture locked in **

    Suggested retail price: HKD2,698.00

    * Faster vs. BHD004 equal 1800W dryer 

    ** Tested in Gentle mode after 5 minutes of drying

    Technology that senses, adapts and cares

    SenseIQ technology for a personalized drying experience. It measures your hair's temperature with a digital infrared sensor and an intelligent microprocessor that adapts the dryer's performance more than 12.000 times per session***. Cares for every unique strand for shiny hair like water. 

    ***Tested in Gentle mode after 7 minutes of drying
    Hair Graphic

    Test shown on different hair types and conditions.

    SenseIQ technology scans hair temperature and adapts to it in real time, preventing overheating that causes loss of natural moisture of your hair.

    Internal test of airflow temperature on different hair types.

    Smart digital programs

    Six smart digital programs create a drying experience tailored to your preferences, by automatically selecting the right temperature and power of the airflow.

    Save 30% of drying time* 

    The innovatively engineered fan and motor are designed to deliver powerful airflow so you can enjoy a 30% faster drying time*.

    * Faster vs. BHD004 equal 1800W dryer

    Lock in up to 95% of your natural moisture**

    Give your hair the exclusive care it deserves with the SenseIQ technology that locks in up to 95% of your hair's natural moisture**. Let your hair shine like water.


    ** Tested in Gentle mode after 5 minutes of drying

    Personalized drying experience

    Personalized drying experience

    SenseIQ technology provides intelligent heat control to provide protection and care uniquely tailored to you. 
    Intelligent drying sensor

    An intelligent dry

    The digital infrared sensor works together with the microprocessor, ensuring the hair won't overheat.
    Temperature adjustment

    Making the invisible visible

    The SenseIQ technology senses your hair’s temperature in real time and adapts to it, to prevent overheating.

    Get the new Hair Dryer Prestige
    with SenseIQ &
    specialized attachments 

    Easy click-in attachments:

    Scalp massager to stimulate the natural flow of nutrients to your hair and relax the scalp

    Nozzle for precise styling

    Curl diffuser for volume and thickness curl.

    Suggested retail price: HKD2,698.00

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