Wireless AudioBoost TV headphones

15mm drivers/ closed-back, In-ear SSC5001/10


Interference while using my Philips wireless headphones

Your wireless headphones, WLAN systems, Bluetooth devices, microwave oven etc are all operated under 2.4GHz systems, we recommend you move the wireless headphones base away from these devices/systems or disconnect the wireless headphones base from the power socket and reconnect it again.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SSC5001/10 , SHD8700/10 , SHD9000/10 , SHD9200/10 , SHD8600/30 , SHD8900/10 , SHD8600UG/10 , SHD8600/10 , SHD8900/00 , SHD9100/05 . more less

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