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The coffee pucks of my Philips Espresso Machine are wet

Published on 03 April 2024
If the coffee pucks of your Philips Espresso Machine are watery, it may relate to the settings and the type of brewed beverage. For more information, read the article below.
watery coffee puck
The first brewed cups can be watery as the Philips adapting system is still adjusting. After brewing five to seven cups of coffee the consistency will be adjusted.
  • Brewing beverages like Americano, Café Crema or Coffee, which are “low pressure products”, will affect the consistency of the coffee pucks. More water will be visible in the coffee grounds container and the coffee pucks will always be wet.
  • The coffee pucks will become wet after the automatic rinse/cleaning cycle. This is caused by the water that ends up in the coffee ground container.

With the Philips Espresso Machine you can try different settings and create your preferred coffee taste. The changes you make will affect both the consistency of the coffee puck and taste of your coffee. We recommend you make small changes to the grinder settings (finer) or coffee volume (less), taste the result, and try gain.

  • For a less strong coffee you can select a coarse grind setting. This will also make the coffee puck more wet.
  • If you choose a higher coffee volume, it will lead to a less strong coffee and a more wet coffee puck.
  • With a lighter aroma setting the coffee puck will be more watery.


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