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My Philips handset does not charge

Published on 2017-02-28

There might be various reasons why your Philips handset is not charging. Please see the below recommendations in order to fix the issue and use your phone again:

Check if:

  • The batteries are inserted correctly
  • Only the batteries that are provided with your phone or rechargeable batteries of the exact same type and capacity are used
  • The batteries are not empty. Put the handset onto the phone's charging cradle for charging. The handset will be switched on automatically within 30 minutes.

Note: In case the handset does not switch on, charge it for at least 60 minutes before switching it on. If the handset still cannot be switched on, go through the tips below:

Make sure:

  • The base station (or the charging cradle) is connected to the mains
  • The charging contacts of both the handset and the base station are clean. Wipe them with a dry soft cloth.
  • The handset is correctly placed on the charging cradle. A running battery icon would be displayed, or the backlight would be on when the handset is correctly placed on the charging cradle.
  • If the above do not help, resetting the handset may solve the problem. To reset the handset, remove the batteries from the handset, and then place them in again.
  • Make sure the handset is placed on the base station with which it is paired. If a handset has been paired with another base station, un-pair it. Then pair this handset with the base station on which it is placed.
  • Your batteries may be too old; please change with new batteries that are of the same type provided by the phone.
  • Never use normal batteries (such as alkaline batteries), because this may create dangerous situations.

If you are still facing the issue, please contact our Consumer support in order to provide a solution.

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