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My Philips Air Purifier’s airflow is weak and the light is not blue

Updated on 2021-07-04

If you notice that the airflow coming from your Philips Air Purifier is weak and the air quality light does not turn blue, find out here what you can do to solve the issue.

Note: All images shown below are generic representations only; there can be some differences among specific appliances.

Packaging materials have not been fully removed

If packaging remains around the filters, then you might notice weak airflow and the air quality light might not turn blue.

To solve this, please make sure to remove all packaging materials from the filters as shown in the following image:

Packaging materials in Philips Air Purifiers

The pre-filter is dirty

A dirty pre-filter (C in the picture below) can also cause the airflow from your Philips Air Purifier to be weak.

Clean the pre-filter by washing it under the tap and letting it dry (it needs to be fully dry before it goes back into your purifier).

The filters are dirty

Dirty filters (marked as A and B in the picture, but some purifiers only have filter A) can cause a weak airflow as well.

These filters should be replaced once a year or as recommended for your specific air purifier model, and they should not be washed.

Filters in Philips Air Purifers

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