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My hair gets trapped in my Philips SenseIQ Hairdryer

If your hair is being trapped or pulled in your Philips SenseIQ Hairdryer, please follow our troubleshooting advice below to solve this issue.

The hairdryer is not positioned correctly

While drying your hair with your Philips SenseIQ Hairdryer make sure its front part faces your hair. If you try to dry your hair with the hair dryer’s back facing your hair, there is a chance that your hair may get tangled up in the air inlet grill at the back of the dryer.
If your hair is already trapped in the hairdryer, then do not panic. Immediately turn the dryer off and gently pull your hair away from it. You can also ask a friend to help.
We advise you to follow the instructions from the user manual carefully, in order to avoid such issues.
Correct positioning of Philips Hairdryer

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