Multicooker and Rice Cooker
Mini Fuzzy logic 3 menus 2 cups Rice cooker

Rice cooker

Mini Fuzzy logic, 3 menus, 2 cups HD4740/20 Find similar products
  • More life in every bowl

    Rice cooker

    HD4740 Find similar products

    Nutrition is the most important element to keep healthy. The Philips' rice cooker HD4740/20 comes with smart & automatic cooking programs to control the right temperature so that the freshness and nutrition is better preserved and not lost. See all benefits


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More life in every bowl

Automatic Fuzzy Logic control cooking

  • Nutritional Keep warm keeps rice fresh for 12 hours

    Use the keep warm function to keep rice or dishes warm for a longer period of time, without losing food nutrition and taste. When the cooking process is finished, the rice cooker automatically switches to the keep warm mode

  • LCD with clock and timer display

    LCD display the cooking time, clock and timer setting

  • Easy-to-program timer ensures rice and meal is ready on time

    Use the timer for the rice cooking functions and the steam, stew, congee cooking and soup cooking mode. Timer cooking can preset up to 23 hours

  • Swing handle for easy carrying

    Convenient and safe to carry the Philips rice cooker away from the kitchen, or to serve rice in dinning room.

  • Durable, extra-thick non-stick innerpot

  • Fuzzy Logic control for fresh and nutritious meals

    The computerized heating mechanism of the Philip rice cooker and temperature control for optimal cooking result in different programs.

  • 2 rice cooking menus

    Rice menu includes: regular, quick rice cooking

  • Dedicated program for congee cooking

    Cooking congee with optimal result

  • Reheat function for fresh rice instantly

    Use the reheating mode of the Philips pressure rice cooker to warm up rice that has cooled down.

  • Ideal for cooking small amount

    0.4 Litre capacity dedicated for small amount cooking purpose, or for small size family

  • Advanced lid design for easy and safe access

    Cool surface, easy to access with one touch button

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