Anti-oxidizing Milkshake for Skin

Learn how to make Anti-oxidizing Milkshake for Skin with Philips Kitchen Appliances. Share with your friends and family!


  • Beetroot 120g
  • Gala apple 100g
  • Walnuts 2 pcs
  • Skimmed milk 150m
  • Ice cubes 3 pcs


  • Rinse and peel beetroot. Cut into pieces.
  • Rinse Gala apple. Core and cut into pieces.
  • Put all the ingredients into the blender. Blend until smooth.
  • Dietitian’s Tips: Proanthocyanidin in beetroot and quercetin in red apple are both powerful antioxidant, which helps to delay aging. Walnut contains mainly Mono-unsaturated fatty acids which can nourish our skin. Skimmed milk contains complete protein which can maintain the elasticity of the skin and reduce the occurrence of wrinkles.
Anti-oxidizing Milkshake for Skin

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