SCF342/21 Philips Avent ultra air pacifier
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Philips Avent ultra air pacifier


How to check my Philips Avent Pacifier on safety

Manually check your Philips Avent Pacifier before each use. Use this instructional video on how to do a safety check on your Philips Avent Pacifier. The same instructions apply to the Philips Avent Soothie.

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Instruction to do a safety check on your pacifier

We recommend replacing the pacifier after 4 weeks of use, for safety and hygiene reason. The pacifier should be replaced even earlier if it is damaged in any way. Replace the Philips Avent Pacifier if it is damaged in any way. Instructions to check:

  1. Check the pacifier before each use
  2. Pull all parts of the pacifier in all directions to check for signs of weakness
  3. Make sure that the pacifier does not have any cracks

A discolored pacifier is safe to use and will not harm your baby, provided that the pacifier is in good condition.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCF342/21 , SCF344/23 , SCF344/21 , SCF342/23 , SCF194/03 , SCF220/21 , SCF220/23 , SCF169/23 , SCF194/00 , SCF151/03 , SCF184/13 , SCF184/14 , SCF172/18 , SCF176/18 , SCF172/20 , SCF178/24 , SCF178/23 , SCF176/22 , SCF176/20 , SCF172/22 , SCF172/21 , SCF121/12 , SCF123/17 , SCF125/12 , SCF129/12 , SCF131/17 , SCF132/02 , SCF133/02 , SCF182/23 , SCF182/24 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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