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Can I clean the filters and pre-filter of my Philips Air Purifier?

Updated on 2022-06-24
Your Philips Air Purifier contains different filter types, please read the article to find out more information on how to clean the filters.

My Philips Air Purifier contains standalone filters

You can clean or wash the pre-filter (indicated as C in the image below).

The other filters (indicated as A and B in the image below) cannot be washed: they need to be replaced. Please check your user manual to see replacement indications specific for your model.
Standalone Filters Indication

My Philips Air Purifier contains a cylindrical filter

Pre-filter is the filter surface (indicated as D in the image below) of a cylindrical filter. When filter cleaning alert (Figure 1) displays on the screen, clean the filter surface with a vacuum cleaner. When filter replacement alert (Figure 2) displays on the screen, it’s time to replace the filter. Please check your user manual to see replacement indications specific for your model.  

Note: There is no filter cleaning alert on some Philips Air Purifiers. Please follow the cleaning schedule and instructions on the user manual specific for your model.


The information on this page applies to the following models: AC1715/30 , AC2936/33 , AC0830/30 , AC3033/30 , AC0820/30 , AC5660/30 , AC3259/31 , AC2887/31 , AC2882/30 , DE5205/30 , AC1215/30 , AC4076/30 , AC4014/02 , AC4081/31 , AC4012/02 , AC4372/30 , AC4025/00 , AC4026/00 , AC4012/00 , AC4014/00 , AC4002/00 , AC4004/00 , AC4072/00 , AC4074/00 , AC4055/00 , AC4065/00 , AC4054/00 , AC4064/00 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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