Perfect curls
have never been so easy  

ProCare Auto Curler

ProCare Auto Curler

Average ratings  / 5
Average ratings  / 5
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Suggested retail price: HKD1,698.00
Professional auto curling for fabulous curls
Ionic conditioning for smooth, frizz free shiny hair
3 heat and 3 time settings for loose of tighter curls
Professional brushless motor
Create consistently, fabulous curls
Create consistently, fabulous curls

Create consistently,
fabulous curls

Auto curlers are a great way of achieving a head full of fabulous curls. Our ProCare auto curler automatically rolls each strand of hair onto the heated barrel and releases a perfect curl, every time. Its durable professional brushless motor creates perfectly consistent curls.
What's your signature curl?
What's your signature curl?

What's your
signature curl?

The Philips ProCare auto curler has 3 heat (170C, 190C, 210C) and 3 time settings (12 sec, 10sec, 8 sec) which make it possible to create all types of curls from natural to polished and loose to tight. Simply select the temperature for your hair type and use the time setting to get exactly the result you want. Finding your signature curl has never been so easy.
Your curls, your way
Your curls, your way

Your curls,
your way

Take your curls to a new level by selecting the curl direction you want. Choose left and right for a completely symmetrical look or hit the alternate setting for an oh-so-natural, more tousled look. You can also play around with the direction for face framing curls or curls that flick away.

Get styling
See how
easy it is

Get styling- See how easy it is
Step 1
Place a 3mm strand of hair into the opening of the auto curler.
Step 2
Hit the button. The hair is rolled automatically around the heated barrel.
Step 3
Wait for the beep to let you know the curl is ready.
Step 4
Hit release and your perfect curl will appear.

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ProCare Auto Curler


ProCare Auto Curler

Professional auto-curling for fabulous curls
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Caring technologies

  • Brushless motor
  • Titanium coated barrel
  • Heat safe design
  • Diameter 16mm barrel
  • Ceramic coating

Styling Performance

  • 210°C max. temperature
  • 3 temperature settings (170°C, 190°C, 210°C)
  • 3 Adjustable curl direction
  • 200°C styling temperature


  • 30 sec heat up
  • Auto shut off
  • Swivel cord
  • 60 sec heat up
  • Cool tip
  • LED indicator


  • 2 years
  • 2 years
* Suggested retail price
ProCare Auto Curler Professional

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Suggested retail price: HKD1,698.00