The ultimate denim care guide:  how to wash and iron jeans

Everyone has a go-to pair of jeans. The ones we put on when we want to feel comfortable, but ready to take on anything. Jeans are often the ideal clothes for relaxing but that doesn’t mean they need to look crumpled and creased. Give your wardrobe staple some love to make sure your favourite denim items last for longer. Here’s our ultimate guide to how to wash denim and how to iron jeans

How to wash jeans: essential tips

Washing jeans in the washing machine is preferable, however make sure there are no embellishments or decorative details that need to be removed before washing.

Turn your jeans inside out.

If your jeans are blue, always wash them with other dark clothes. White jeans should be washing with light clothing.

Don’t load the washing machine too full as this can prevent a proper spin.

Always use a mild detergent.

Never use bleach on jeans as it can zap the colour and cause stains.

Don’t tumble dry your pair.

How often should you wash jeans?

Blue denim jeans

Wash jeans every 4-5 wears maximum, more than that will fade the fabric. In case of stains, try getting them out by dabbing and washing only that particular area rather than the whole pair. And if you need to quickly freshen up your jeans because they’ve sat in the wardrobe for too long or if you want to get rid of some stubborn creases, a powerful handheld steamer is just the answer to do the job for you

Should I iron jeans?

Steam iron

Even with a casual denim look, you want to be fresh and presentable. Ironing jeans isn’t as big a job as it sounds. The good thing about jeans is they often keep their shape after ironing, just make sure you hang or fold them properly rather than stashing them at the bottom of a draw.

The best ways to iron jeans

Decided you want to iron jeans? Here’s how to get it right:

Turn the jeans inside-out to prevent discolouring.

If you have a traditional iron, lay the jeans flat on the ironing board.

Start ironing both front and back pockets.

Laying your jeans flat, iron the waistband and smooth out any other details, such as buttonholes and pleats.

Place the front side of the legs in a parallel direction to the ironing board and press the iron firmly until all creases and wrinkles disappear.

Repeat this step on the back of your jeans.

Steam generator iron

However, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right temperature settings to ensure burnt-free results. Philips steam generator will take care of that for you, thanks to the smart OptimalTEMP technology that chooses heat and steam settings according to each type of fabric, so you­ get crease-free jeans without having to fiddle with finding the right temperature.

How to wash denim jackets

So now you know how to take care of your jeans, let’s look at the other denim items in your wardrobe – like that denim jacket you wear all the time. Here’s when and how to care for it:

There’s less reason to wash denim jackets because generally they’re not worn directly against your skin.

For any small stains simply dab that particular area to remove them, then let the area dry naturally.

If you do decide to wash your denim jacket, consider a low machine temperature (30 degrees or lower) or try handwashing it.

Use a gentle, but good quality detergent.

If your denim jacket has any detailing like metal studs, zips or fragile buttons, put it into a laundry bag to protect these elements.

You could also try using a handheld steamer - it helps removing odours and kills bacteria so it’s an ideal alternative to a wash (and less washing helps avoid colour fade). Just hang your jacket on a hanger and steam it vertically. This also takes out wrinkles so saves you getting the ironing board out too.

Washing jeans and other denim products doesn’t need to be a hassle. By following these tips you’ll look after them easily. Have more than traditional blue shades in your wardrobe? Don’t worry, this guide applies to how to wash black jeans as well as other colours. Remember, when it comes to washing your old favourites, less is more.

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