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How to answer second incoming call on my Philips phone?

Published on 2017-02-28

It is possible to answer a second incoming call on your Philips phone (a periodical beep will notify about the second call).

To answer the second call you should:

  • Press button R and then button 2
    Note: The first call is put on hold. You are now connected to the second call;


  • Press button R and then button 1
    Note: The first call is ended. You are now connected to the second call.

Note: Your phone offers this function but this service is network dependent. Contact the telecommunications service provider to subscribe to the service.

Buttons 1,2 and R on Philips handset

The information on this page applies to the following models: D1301B/90 , D2302W/90 , D2302B/90 , D2301W/96 , D2301W/90 , D2301B/90 , D1302WR/90 , D1302B/90 , D1301WR/90 , D1301WN/90 , D1301WA/90 , D2301WP/22 , D2301WT/22 , D2301B/23 , D4502W/90 , M110UJ/05 , M110W/05 , D1501W/90 , D4001C/90 , D4002C/90 , D4001B/90 , D4001W/90 , XL3002C/90 , XL3001C/90 , D4002W/90 , D4002B/90 , D4052W/90 , D2001W/90 , D2002W/90 , D2002B/90 , D2001WT/90 , D2001WP/90 , D1501B/90 , D2001B/90 , D1502W/90 , D1502B/90 , D1503B/90 , CD1901B/44 , CD1901BB/90 , CD1912B/90 , CD1901WR/90 , CD1901WB/90 , CD1901B/90 , CD1902B/90 , CD1801B/90 , CD1802B/90 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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