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How to pair/register my Philips handset with the base?

Published on 2017-02-28

A maximum of 4 handsets can be paired (or registered) with the same Philips base station, please check whether your base is fully registered.

General information

  • If 4 handsets are already registered, one of the handsets would display “Handset 4”
  • If your base is not fully registered, follow the steps below to pair (or register) the handset with the base station
  • If you are using a non-Philips brand handset or base station, refer to the user manual of that handset or base station

Note: Registration using a non-Philips brand handset or base station may not be possible.

3. Scroll to Register and press the Menu/OK button

The diagram below is for reference. The appearance of your handset and the location of the button may be different.

Menu/OK button on Philips handset

4. On the base station, press and hold the Page button for 10 seconds, until you hear a beep

The diagram below is for reference. The appearance your base and the location of the button may be different.

Page button on Philips base station

5. On the handset, enter the system PIN

The preset PIN is 0000. It is required for pairing or un-pairing handsets. Press the Menu/OK button to confirm the PIN. If you need to make corrections, press REDIAL/C or Clear or Back.

Pairing (or registration) would be completed. The base automatically assigns a handset number to the handset.

Note: If the handset and base stations are not the same model, some features, such as phonebook, may not be supported.

The information on this page applies to the following models: D1301B/90 , D2302W/90 , D2302B/90 , D2301W/90 , D2301B/90 , D1302WR/90 , D1302B/90 , D1301WR/90 , D1301WN/90 , D1301WA/90 , XL4901S/90 , XL4902S/90 , D1211B/90 , M3301R/90 , D1201WP/90 , M3301B/90 , M3352B/90 , M3301W/90 , D2102W/90 , D2101B/90 , D2102B/90 , D2101WT/90 , D2101WP/90 , D2101W/90 , D1201W/90 , D1202W/90 , D1201WR/90 , D1201WN/90 , D1201WG/90 , D1201WA/90 , D1201B/90 , D1202B/90 , D1501W/90 , XL3001C/90 , XL3002C/90 , D1501B/90 , D2002W/90 , D2002B/90 , D2001WT/90 , D2001WP/90 , D2001W/90 , D2001B/90 , D1502W/90 , D1502B/90 , D1503B/90 , M5501WR/90 , M5501WG/90 , CD2903W/90 , CD2901W/90 , CD2952W/90 , CD2951W/90 , CD2902W/90 , CD4901B/90 , XL3901S/90 , CD4902B/90 , CD2801W/90 , CD2852W/90 , CD2851W/90 , CD2803W/90 , CD2802W/90 , CD6801B/90 , CD4801B/90 , CD4802B/90 , CD2701S/90 , CD2752S/90 , CD2751S/90 , CD2702S/90 , CD1501B/90 , CD1502B/90 , CD6501B/90 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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