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Will a software update fix my Philips TV issue? How can I tell if there is a later version of software for my Philips TV?

Published on 2017-03-27

Locate the software version that is currently loaded in your product. Consult your User manual to determine how to locate your software version.

If you do not have your User Manual, click on “User manuals” under Product support located on the upper left part of your page.

To determine what software version is available for your product, click on “Software & drivers” located under the Product support tab as shown in the example below to the right.

If the “Software & drivers” selection is not located under the Product support tab as shown in the example below to the left, there is no software available for your product.

What if there is software listed for my TV?

When you click on “Software & drivers”, the screen below will appear. Compare the version number as shown in the example below with the version number in your product. If the version number in your product is the same or greater than the version number shown below, you do not need to update your software.

Before downloading the software, click on “Release notes and/or installation instructions” to see what improvements the software will make and to read the instructions on how to load the software. The software may make other improvements not listed in the Release notes.

NOTE- if you are not having issues with your TV which the firmware directly addresses, we do NOT recommend updating the firmware.

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