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How do I turn on subtitles on Netflix?

Published on 2016-12-12

Some Netflix movies have subtitles and some do not. To turn on the subtitles please see the directions below:

1) Open the Netflix app on the device

2) Select the movie you want to watch and press “OK” once on the remote

3) A window will appear with options including:

  • “Play”
  • “Add to instant queue”
  • “Rate this title”
  • “Audio and subtitles”

4) Select on “Audio and subtitles” and press “OK”

5) Then select the subtitle you want, if available

Note: If you always want the subtitles on you will need to select this option before each movie.

6) Use the right arrow to return to the previous screen and select “Play”

Note: To turn the subtitles off press “Stop” on the remote and return to the “Audio and Subtitle” screen and turn them off.

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