Steamed papaya and snow fungus with milk

Learn how to make Steamed papaya and snow fungus with milk with Philips Kitchen Appliances. Share with your friends and family!

Servings Servings 2-4


  • Papaya (peeled, seeded, cut into cubes) 260g
  • Snow fungus (soaked) 10g
  • Rock sugar 30g
  • Fresh milk 600g
  • Water 1000g (Fill in the cooker)


  • 1. Put all the ingredients into a ceramic steam pot.
  • 2. Fill the All-in-One cooker with 1000g water, put in the steam rack, place the steam pot on top of it.
  • 3. Close and lock the lid, select Pressure cook Steam, set the cooking time for 20 minutes. Press Start.
  • 4. When finished, unlock and open the lid, serve the dessert hot.
  • - Cooking time starts once pressure has been maintained.
  • # Beware of steam, the pressure will be released automatically after the cooking completes.
Steamed papaya and snow fungus with milk

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