Virgin Crabs Baked In Salt

Learn how to make Virgin crabs baked in salt with Philips Kitchen Appliances. Share with your friends and family!


  • Virgin crabs 2pcs (Each weighs about 130g)
  • Coarse Salt 1kg
  • Chinese five spices 1tsp
  • Sichuan pepper 1tsp
  • Star anise 8pcs
  • Bay leaf 2pcs


  • 1. Wash the crabs, uncover the abdomen of crabs and take out the excrement.
  • 2. Put the crabs inside the fridge for 30 minutes to stunning the crabs.
  • 3. Mix well the coarse salt, Chinese five spices, Sichuan pepper and bay leaf, wrap up by tin foil, then put into Airyfryer XXL baking tray, bake at 200°C for 8 minutes.
  • 4. Take out half of the coarse salt from the baking tray, place the crabs on the salt inside the baking tray, place the crabs bottom on top and cover up by the remaining salt then wrapped by tin foil.
  • 5. Put into the Airfryer bake at 185°C for 20 minutes, then keep inside the Airfryer for another 5 minutes.
  • 6. Take out from the baking tray, sweep away the salt on the crabs, peel off the abdomen of crabs and cut the crabs into half. Ready to serve.
Virgin Crabs Baked In Salt

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