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why replace your filter

Why replace your filter?

Changing your device’s filter at the recommended time is essential to keep it operating at its best. When filters are not replaced, they become clogged with pollutants. This affects the cleaning capacity of your device. Check your purifier’s filter lifetime indicator to ensure you are replacing your filter when needed.

why choose Philips replacement filters

Why choose Philips replacement filters?

Original Philips filters are designed at the same time as the device, to make sure the filter and the purifier are a perfect fit. This guarantees the best performance* for the duration of the filter lifetime. Also, as compared to non-original alternatives, our HEPA filters are made from high quality materials, important to keep the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) fast and efficient. Certified for quality you can trust, choosing original Philips filters will ensure optimal purification and humidification always, prolonging your filter replacement frequency.

*Philips guarantees performance of purifier only with original replacement parts.

How to clean and change

Cleaning and maintaining your filters

3-in-1 cylindrical purifier filters

3-in-1 filter cleaning and maintenance video

Watch how to change and maintain your 3-in-1 cylindrical HEPA filter in a few simple steps.

Standalone purifier filters

Separate filter cleaning and maintenance video

Watch how to change and maintain your HEPA filter and Active Carbon filter in a few simple steps.

Warning: If you own a device that combines the functions of humidification and purification and want to change the humidification filter of said device, please watch the ‘standalone purifier filters’ video.

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How do I dispose of the Philips filter?

We recommend placing the filter in a disposable bag and following normal practice, then washing your hands for at least 20 seconds and following advice from local health authorities on how to deal with potentially infected surfaces. 

How can I ensure good maintenance of my Philips air purifier filters?

Maintain your filter according to the user manual and change the filter according to the service life recommendation in the user manual or according to the advice in the Philips Clean Home + app.



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