B120/97  In.Sight wireless HD baby monitor
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In.Sight wireless HD baby monitor


How to setup Dropbox recording for more than 1 monitor?

If you have more than one Philips monitor and you would like to enable Dropbox recording for all monitors you have, follow these instructions (for iOS):

1. Check the Dropbox recording status

Go to Settings > Online > Dropbox recording, make sure the status of Dropbox recording is ON

InSight application - Settings

2. Reset the Dropbox settings

Go to Dropbox > Dropbox settings, toggle between ON and OFF twice to reset. Make sure the Enabled status is ON before you quit

InSight application - Settings

3.Enter your Dropbox account and password

There will be a pop up window for Dropbox login

InSight application - Settings

4.Monitor connected

A pop up message would be displayed when the monitor is linked to your Dropbox account successfully

Repeat the above steps for your other monitor(s)

If the above does not work, delete the monitors from your In.Sight account and setup again. Make sure all your monitors finish setup process before trying to link them to Dropbox.

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