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Is it possible to install and watch both digital cable (DVB-C) and digital terrestrial (DVB-T) channels in Philips TV?

Published on 2016-12-29

Yes you can. First install the DVB-C channels (select 'Cable' in the Installation menu) and repeat the installation procedure for the DVB-T channels (select 'Antenna' in the Installation menu).

Please keep in mind that your TV only has one coaxial antenna input, which is either connected to the DVB-C network or to an external antenna for the reception of DVB-T channels. Therefore, it is not possible to watch both DVB-C and DVB-T channels at the same time. When you switch between tuners, you will need to switch the corresponding antenna cables as well.

In order to watch the channels from each tuner, you need to switch between Antenna (DVB-T) or Cable (DVB-C) in the TV's menu. Proceed as follows:

  • Press the 'MENU' or 'Home' button on the remote control
  • Use the arrow keys to select 'Setup' and press 'OK'
  • Scroll down to Channel installation and press '>'
  • Scroll down to Antenna/Cable and press '>' (This option only appears if your TV is equipped to receive DVB-C channels)
  • Select 'Antenna' or 'Cable' and press 'OK'
  • Press the 'BACK' key to exit the menu

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