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What issues in Philips TV are solved with a software upgrade?

Published on 2016-12-29

Every software update solves different issues. A software update ensures that your TV is performing optimal in accordance with the latest technological developments.

To check if there is new software available for your TV, you have to check if the software version on the Philips support website is higher than the software version in your TV and update it if necessary.

QF1EU_0.150.87.0 (Date published: 2013-04-29)

  • Solution for Cablenetwork ESR Sion in Switzerland
  • Solution for picture moves 5 pixel right when in PC/Game mode
  • Solution for Video corruption every 10-20 sec on VHS device
  • Solution for installation issue on Czech UPC cable

QF1EU_0.150.85.0 (Date published: 2013-03-06)

  • Solution to connect to the Smart TV portal in Spain and the UK
  • Solution for the 60PFL9607S/12 regarding strong color flickering in picture with 3D max clarity and 2 player gaming mode
  • Solution for incorrect TXT characters for Czech and Slovak programs for DVBT and DVBC reception
  • Solution for External VGA can be selected, but video is not shown
  • Solution for Maxdome regarding movies stops streaming after a pause for a short time (3min+)
  • Perfect Natural Motion performance optimizations

QF1EU_0.150.83.0 (Date published: 2013-02-04)

  • Improvement on robustness for files(.jpg) via usb stick
  • Solution for the predefined channel lists of Sky in Germany/Austria and Switserland
  • Improvement to connect via WIFI to Lynksys router WRT54GC
  • Improvement for Electronic Program Guide

QF1EU_0.150.82.0 (Date published: 2012-12-19)

  • Improvement on Headweb app for the Nordics

QF1EU_0.150.81.0 (Date published: 2012-12-13)

  • Improvement about some USB sticks that cannot be recognized
  • Improvement on UI speed/HBBTV and TXT
  • Improvement on opening animation in setup menu
  • Improvement on clock level for different countries
  • Improvement for YouTube not playing smoothly
  • Improvement for easy link
  • Adaptation in Ambilight for the Lounge Light mode
  • Solution for “New device found…” issue, popup screen will not appear multiple times in the dialog box
  • Solution for crash in web browser on “”
  • Solution for Ambilight starts by itself in the morning
  • Improvement for quick start-up automatic mode not working well
  • Improvement for set totally blocked after receiving RC5 command (with “ZON” RC's)
  • Improvement for set stuck in standby (HDMI devices)
  • Improvement for set starts by itself randomly
  • Improvement for cracking noise/ sound drops (HDMI devices)

QF1EU_0.150.48.14 (Date published: 2012-11-16)

  • Channel Ned1 is not stored during analog channel installation (Only applicable to Netherlands)

QF1EU_0.150.48.13 (Date published: 2012-10-30)

  • WiFi Smart screen Ziggo stream crash are solved
  • SimplyShare server lost are solved
  • No Videotext in combination with HbbTV are solved
  • Availability of Headweb app for the Nordics

QF1EU_0.150.48.9 (Date published: 2012-10-24)

The following items were added:

  • Use of preferred channel list with M7 Satellite
  • Smooth streaming support for Microsoft Streaming video channels
  • Display of Digital TV channels to iPad/iPod/iPhone (MyRemote App “WiFi Smart Screen”)
  • Additional aggregation views in Content Browser: extra Audio and Video view besides existing folder view
  • New channel logo database used

The following items were improved:

  • Control of TV via Smartphone or Tablet (MyRemote application)
  • Zapping speed on analogue and digital channels
  • Speed of menu's and ‘On Screen graphics’
  • Start-up behaviour with certain HTS devices
  • HbbTV performance
  • Improvements for Skype contact lists

The following items were solved:

  • Picture and audio problems when zapping to FR3 (Only applicable to France)
  • Loosing WiFi connection
  • 'No channel problem' when selecting analogue channels (Only applicable to Russia)
  • Crashes after using FFW/FRW in streaming video
  • 'Files not playing' when applying streaming video sources from Maxdome
  • Failing CI+ authentication in case of use of CI+ cards

QF1EU_0.133.5.0 (Date published: 2012-09-03)

  • Solution for analog services not available in channel grid

QF1EU_0.133.4.0 (Date published: 2012-08-27)

  • Picture improvements

QF1EU_0.133.3.0 (Date published: 2012-08-20)

  • Smart TV home page with more functional apps and icons
  • Smart TV Mediastores operational
  • Smart TV IP EPG and PVR enabled
  • No video when leaving EPG, Smart TV solved
  • Channel copy from TV to USB and vice versa operational, with improved speed
  • Major stability improvement
  • HBB TV (Crashes solved, Mediathek playback OK, functional issues OK)
  • Picture Quality (2D Dimming backlight improved, Macro block problem solved)
  • CI+ Authentication issue with credentials solved
  • Authentication issues with Alphacrypt CAM card and ORD Cam card solved
  • ContentBrowser: Navigation speed improved, Playback OK, Trick modes OK
  • Speed improvement for zapping in DVB-C and DVB-S
  • Speed improvement in EPG navigation (EPG lists)
  • Speed improvement in Boot Time
  • Certification solutions for UPC, Ziggo, Risk TV, Saorview, Canal Digital, DTG
  • BBC iPlayer operational
  • Some Skype bugs were solved (adding Contacts, autologin)
  • DVB-S Installation problems with multiple satellites solved
  • Switching between DVB-S with HBB-TV and DVB-C could lead to blocked set - solved
  • Sometimes no logo's visible in DVB-S or after update - solved
  • Sometimes Jittering in LVDS sets - solved
  • Sporadic white bar in right corner of LVDS sets - solved
  • Connection problems with Smart TV server solved
  • No sound after wake up HTS9520 solved
  • SimplyShare files playback problems solved
  • Channel sorting bugs solved
  • PVR bugs solved (multiple recording overnight)
  • HBB-TV can be used via the Blue key in France

QF1EU_0.132.5.3 (Date published: 2012-07-26)

  • Improved [Channel list copy] functionality
  • TV reboots by itself during first-time installation
  • Improved TV stability

QF1EU_0.132.5.1 (Date published: 2012-07-19)

  • Coloured lines or splash screen during start-up
  • Spontaneous switch off
  • Channel search problems (missing channels)
  • No start-up of the TV
  • Slow menu navigation
  • Slow channel switching
  • Frozen/blocked pictures
  • TV keeps detecting same HDMI device

QF1EU_0.108.8.0 (Date published: 2012-06-26)

  • Some contacts' profile pictures are missing on the Skype contacts page

QF1EU_0.108.7.0 (Date published: 2012-06-21)

  • Horizontal green lines observed after switching channels
  • TV has no sound after making voice call or video call on Skype
  • Automatic sign-in for Skype fails
  • Unable to switch on the TV from standby using CH+, CH-, and Home key
  • Unable to make a recording when you connect back the USB Hard Drive after disconnect it from the TV

QF1EU_0.108.5.0 (Date published: 2012-06-15)

  • Initial production software

Follow these procedures to check the current software version on your TV

  1. Press the [Home] button on the remote control to access the home menu
  2. Use the [Cursor buttons] to select [Setup] and press the [OK] button to confirm
  3. Select [Software settings] and press the [OK] button
  4. Select [Current software info] and press the [OK] button to display the current software version on your TV set

Check software version

Check the software version against the latest TV software on the Philips support website. Refer to the SOFTWARE & DRIVERS section.

  1. If the TV software version is lower than the version posted on the website, this means the software of your TV set needs to be upgraded
  2. Follow the instruction in the user manual or readme file of the firmware upgrade on how to upgrade your software
  3. Do not install a lower version of software than the current version installed on your product. Philips cannot be held liable or be made responsible for problems caused by a software downgrade.

The latest software solves the issues below:

Note: Each release contains all solutions identified in the earlier version.

Besides general improvements on functionality and performance, the latest software solves the issues below:

Important: Once the software upgrade is complete, you need to disconnect the power cable from the power outlet. Wait one minute then reconnect it. After that you can start your TV in the usual way.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 47PDL6907H/12 , 42PDL6907H/12 .

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